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Find Your Soulmate, now!

A half-day interactive workshop with Lucy Cavendish and Philippe Tahon

Are you tired spending hours looking for your soulmate and having time-consuming but, ultimately, fruitless dates? You are ‘out there’ only to find yourself feeling frustrated and done in by the whole dating process? If so, this workshop is for you! We will help you finding out what the real issues are so that you can end this never-ending cycle. Looking for THE right one is draining and undermines our self-confidence. We will see how things can be different and we will give you the right tools so that - at last -you will find the partner you’ve been looking for.

Our approach is both mindful and practical

  • What are you looking for, what kind of relationship would suit you?
  • What does your ‘ideal’ soulmate look and sound like?
  • To which extent are you ready to compromise and commit? How about your self-confidence, your fears?
  • What tips do you need – from how to date, where to meet, what to wear, what to say?

Expert advice from two trained psychologists who have been ‘out there’ in the dating arena and know what they are talking about to help you in finding and then maintaining that love relationship from the first flush to the happily-ever-after. Lucy is a multi-media journalist who is now a qualified counsellor. Renowned for her Stella column – Single Again – in the Sunday Telegraph , she has written often and openly about her search for love. Philippe is an industry leading therapist and coach based in London who has helped hundreds of people overcome their weight and body image issues.

Browse around this website to see more about Lucy. You can see more about Philippe on his website -

The workshop will take place on Saturday June 24th from 10am- 2pm in Central London. The price is £50 pp, refreshments will be provided.