Lucy Cavendish

15th May 2018

Couples…..this much I know…

  By Lucy Cavendish   As the year progresses and summer is looming, I find myself thinking about how my life has changed over the last […]
15th May 2018

Single Parenting is Easier

SINGLE MOTHERHOOD IS EASIER I am sitting with my friend Annabel having dinner together, our eldest sons, hers aged 13, mine15, are at the table. They […]
14th January 2018

Couples, love and what keeps us together (or not!)

  By Lucy Cavendish   As January progresses and the full enormity of the post-Christmas blues hit, I find myself thinking about how my life has […]
27th November 2017

Endings and how to manage them

People leave but they don’t say goodbye. Sometimes people say goodbye but they don’t leave. When it comes to leaving relationships, the above statements can often […]